south central wisconsin division​​

The host city of the Capitol 400 is Madison and it was served by three railroads at one time:  The Milwaukee Road, the Chicago Northwestern and the Illinois Central. The South Central Wisconsin Division will be offering a special run freight car in HO that will be available at the Capitol 400.

The car will be an HO Illinois Central boxcar based on the IC series 41800 - 42549 (750 cars). They were constructed by the IC at its Centralia car shops in 1961.  These 50-ton cars have a 50’-6” inside length, 10’-7” inside height, and a capacity of 4,988 cu. ft. The cars are being produced in two road numbers by Accurail especially for the SCWD following prototype lettering. 

This is a limited run, so order one or both of these cars that are a prototype not available elsewhere. Remember, these are HO only.


The artwork has been prepared by SCWD member Ken Soroos, who is a veteran of numerous prototype special car runs.  Because they will be available at the time of the Capitol 400, the main car number will be 42018 for April 2018, the date of the convention. The other number will be 41961 for 1961, the year the cars were constructed. Each car will also bear special lettering: “Merchandise Service Between Chicago and Madison, Wis.” All other lettering is strictly prototype.

When you register for the convention, you can order your IC boxcar at the same time. The cost per car is $20 and cars will be available for pickup at the Registration Desk at the convention. The 41961 number cars will have a more limited availability.

HO Scale Illinois Central Double Door Boxcar (2 Numbers)