south central wisconsin division​​

Popular Vote Model and Photo Contests

Themes: 2018-2019: 

September 2018 – Mini-Convention
Cat. A Locomotives
Cat. B Freight Cars
Cat. C Passenger Cars
Cat. D Structures

October 2018 – Oops!
Cat. A Freight Car Attempt
Cat. B Structure Attempt
Cat. C Mistakes/Unusual Construction
Cat. D Wrecks

November 2018 – Wooden Construction
Cat. A Rolling Stock
Cat. B Railroad Owned Structure
Cat. C Industrial Structure
Cat. D Commercial/Residential Structure

December 2018 – Kit-Bashed or Non-Typical
Cat. A Passenger Equipment
Cat. B Freight Equipment
Cat. C Non-Revenue Equipment
Cat. D Structure

January 2019 – Rail School

February 2019 – Specialty Passenger Cars
Cat. A Pullman Cars Cat.
B Executive/Business Cars Cat.
C Circus Train Passenger Cars Cat.
D Private Cars/Other

March 2019 – Over, Under, Around and Through
Cat. A Bridges
Cat. B Culverts
Cat. C Turntables
Cat. D Tunnels

April 2019 – Video Contest and Project Model Contest

May 2019 – Joint Meeting at Rockford


New! Video Contest

Submit your Railroad Video anytime. Entry deadline is February 1, 2019. Voting will be open from February 15, to April 1, 2019. Winner will be announced at the April 8, 2019 Division meeting.