In October 2021, Keith Thomsen and Ken Hojnacki took a trip west to attend the TRAINS Magazine 81 for 81 Photo Weekend at the Nevada Northern Railway in Ely, Nevada.  They presented the second half of their program at the
September 2022 meeting but due to computer issues, not all the videos were able to be shown.  Here are five videos of trains of the Nevada Northern Railway during that event. 

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Controlling Your Layout with Arduino

kit-bashing cornerstones
by mike vivion

​Building & Modifying Walthers Cornerstone Kits. Based on 50+ Structures built using Walthers Cornerstone Kits built by TRAIN GUYZ LLC (Mike & Judy Vivion) Structures built for a HO layout in Williams Bay, WI. The layout depicts part of the Wisconsin Central Railway (Jan 1987- Oct 2001).

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Deeper Dive Using an Arduino as a CMRI Node

SCWD Clinics Presented at Monthly Division Meetings

Modeling a Wood Shingle Roof PDF
Clinic: What is Arduino Part 2
Taking Full Advantage of Your Layout Design Software
Railroad Crossings PowerPoint
From Junk to Jewel Modeling Clinic PDF

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TrueValue Hardware Interior How To - Al Potts

Keith and Ken Head West-Part 2
by Ken hojnacki​​

TrueValue Hardware Interior How To - Al Potts
TrueValue Hardware Interior How To - Al Potts

south central wisconsin division​​



This “slide-tape” clinic was re-edited by the NMRA and placed on video. Thanks to Bob Wundrock for bringing this to our attention. Learn more about John Allen.